Cold Chain Management

Quality Cold-Chain Management Systems

Valcomm offers temperature-sensitive supply chain and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) consultancy and qualification services with a focus on achieving GDP cold chain compliance for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Our consultants combine extensive global business experience in GDP cold chain validation and technical expertise to provide invaluable cold chain knowledge.

Services include:

  • Temperature supply chain design
  • Risk assessment
  • SOPs
  • GDP supply chain compliance
  • Eliminating temperature excursions
  • Selecting the correct packaging/monitoring solution
  • Prepare protocols and templates
  • Matching validation to your supply chain
  • Supply chain validation process
  • Reducing risks and associated costs
  • Gaining efficiency in temperature supply chain
  • Global regulations and compliance

Cold chain refers to the undisrupted series of logistical activities including packaging, shipping, storage, distribution and handling of products that must be maintained within a given temperature range for its whole shipment process.

As a result of cold chain goods needing constant low temperatures, maintaining cold chain processes effectively is critical to the integrity of therapeutic products.

In the United States, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that $300m (£190m, €240m) worth of vaccines alone are destroyed each year due to improper storage and distribution. The numbers for other therapeutics are unknown. The scary aspect of that figure is that this includes only the product that was known or suspected to be compromised.

The healthcare implications for administering compromised medications to patients go well beyond economic losses and can, in extreme cases, result in catastrophic consequences.

Patient safety and regulatory compliance are the key drivers within cold chain logistical systems. Organisations recognise the growing need for control of the entire cold chain and the ever-changing global scenario requires highly efficient processes as a backbone to accommodate the growing needs of organisations.

Due diligence in cold chain means not simply using a qualified shipper, but qualifying the shipper to perform within the entire shipping process, whether overnight, or extended periods of time to another region.

Commissioning a transit study to qualify your shipping system will lower costs including dramatically reducing loss of material and the repetitive testing of suspect material.

A transit study will allow you to identify when a more expensive shipper combined with a less expensive transport option is more cost-effective than a less expensive shipper, combined with the occasional use of a specialised courier service.

Warehouse & Refrigeration Mapping & Qualification
Valcomm undertakes thermal mapping studies of both small and large-scale cold rooms, freezer rooms, warehousing facilities and transport vehicles to determine the conformance to temperature requirements.

Thermal mapping is effectively a heat distribution study, investigating the conformity of temperatures throughout the storage areas.

A temperature mapping study is essential to identify locations and positions for monitoring equipment. Valcomm prepares documentation procedures and conducts temperature mapping to meet all regulatory and GDP requirements.

Quality assured with expertise and accreditation

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