About us

Secure reputation and regulatory compliance with VALCOMM

Meticulous attention to detail and a wealth of industry-specific expertise help to ensure our clients remain compliant within a regulated industry.

Specialising in life-sciences and process industries, we safeguard product integrity from the Nordics to Sierra Leone. Valcomm helps secure your reputation through Research & Development/manufacture/ warehousing/dispatch and global distribution.

Who we are:

Valcomm was founded as a regulatory compliance consultancy specialising in the life sciences sector.

What we do:

  • Temperature & Humidity Mapping
  • Cold Chain Management
  • UKAS Accredited Calibrations within our dedicated Calibration Laboratory
  • UKAS Accredited Calibration at the clients site
  • UKAS Traceable Calibrations
  • Regulatory Compliance for Life Science and associated industries
  • Equipment Validation
  • Process Validation
  • Facility Validation
  • Control System & IT Validation

Our focus is on providing a first-class service to our valued clients and combined with strategic planning, Valcomm has expanded to provide clients with a unique range of services that can be tailored to their individual requirements, enabling cost-effective quality solutions and guidance, maintaining high standards required within a regulated industry.

Quality assured with expertise and accreditation

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