Environmental Monitoring Solutions

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Backed by Valcomm Quality Services an ISO 17025 UKAS accredited company, commonSENSE offer the only 360 ?pre-qualified monitoring system designed to safeguard businesses today.

Manage critical alerts by category, location and priority across all your smart devices; commonSENSE provide diagnostic and historical reporting, imperative to the clear illustration of audited response times, subsequent action and team accountability.


Simple, intuitive technology; our real-time LIVE data feeds means your capacity to respond quickly is second-to-none, commonSENSE empowers you to embrace and overcome even the most challenging of situations.

Inspired with validation in mind, commonSENSE highly-accurate smart sensors, wireless loggers and configurable software solutions deliver a new benchmark for industry and the individual.

Secure access to your data on-the-fly and reporting has never been so easy; our scalable platform offers everything you need from an integrated monitoring system today, with all the resource and scope for tomorrows demands.

Calibrated to UKAS standard, commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions™ represent ‘Best-of-Class Technology’.

Fully tailored monitoring solutions as unique as you are.  Businesses call upon commonSENSE to assess, forge and build fully-validated systems, behind secure networks.

  • Big-Data, on demand
  • Scaleable platforms, worldwide
  • Tiered access to privileges
  • Configurable smart alerts
  • System validation
  • Thermal mapping
  • Equipment calibration
  • Compliance & quality assurance
  • Unrivalled accuracy
  • Monitor multiple sites, globally
  • Forge best practice & efficiencies
  • Manage / forward alerts
  • SMS & Email safeguard
  •  Access alarm history
  • Command your workforce
  • GPS Transportation alerting
  • Secure end-to-end cloud encryption (CDN)



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