Calibration Technician

Job Title: Calibration Technician


Department: Technical

Job Description:

Reporting to the Technical Director, the Calibration Technician shall be responsible for ensuring the test equipment is fit for purpose, suitable for the test programme and has a valid calibration certificate. They are to ensure all test and calibration work and associated paperwork is completed to a high standard within a timely manner. Calibration Technicians must be flexible individuals as hours will regularly vary. Some unsociable hours plus occasional weekend work will be required in the role.

Note: VQS Ltd operate a Clean Desk Policy to eliminate the possibility of potentially sensitive data being compromised


  • In house repair, maintenance and calibration of VQS temperature and humidity recording equipment
  • In house and onsite repair and recalibration of customer owned equipment
  • Liaise with clients and suppliers as required in order to satisfactorily complete each job
  • Create subsequent associated certification; report defects, labeling successfully calibrated equipment and ensuring compliance with all customer requirements
  • Provide technical support to the Technical Director, using initiative and experience to identify solutions to technical issues which may arise
  • Apply company, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policies and Safety Management Systems
  • Responsible for the upkeep of the main laboratory as well as all equipment used onsite
  • Advising the Administrative Assistants of materials and equipment which needs ordering or sent offsite for calibration
  • Work together with colleagues to maintain an organised and efficient laboratory
  • Assist colleagues in maintaining a tidy and safe working environment

Essential Skills

  • Excellent calibration knowledge of some / all of the following equipment will be required;
  • Kaye 2000 Validator
  • Rotronic Hygrogen 2
  • Kaye LTR 140
  • Kaye CTR 80
  • LogTag Data Loggers
  • Rotronic HC2 Calibration Suite
  • Testo 735 Probe
  • Isotech TTI-10
  • Kaye IRTD
  • Joffra PTC 125
  • Tiny Tag Data Loggers
  • Rotronic Data Loggers
  • Any other equipment within the calibration Laboratory
  • Excellent understanding of ISO9001 and 17025 accreditations
  • A courteous and presentable individual with excellent communication skills and ability to liaise with a range of different clients.
  • Well organised, with strong time management skills and excellent attention to detail
  • Competent user of Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio & Exchange.



Quality assured with expertise and accreditation

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