Lloyds Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading pharmacies, also has a wholesale distribution section operating in various locations around the country.

As a specialist distributor of pharma products, the company brought Valcomm onboard to assist in ensuring it continued to remain compliant after the implementation of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.

Valcomm was appointed on a consultancy basis to review the current status of the company’s compliance and move forward with a qualification plan to assure that all wholesale pharmacies remained compliant.

We also provided:

  • Consultancy for the review of the wholesale pharmacies and providing a GAP analysis of current status.
  • The supply and installation of wholesale fridge max/min sensors.
  • UKAS calibration of wholesale fridge sensors.
  • Formal qualification of the wholesale pharmacies and refrigerated storage areas storage areas.
  • Performance of mapping studies to verify the temperature stability of each area.

Valcomm prepared the qualification protocols and performed thermal mapping studies that have proven the wholesale pharmacies to be fit for purpose and satisfy the regulatory requirements enabling each wholesale pharmacy to continue providing services in a safe and compliant way.


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